Lit memorial bottle

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What gift has stayed throughout the years? It’s likely not the biggest, shiniest, or most expensive thing.

Was it the necklace your mom gave? The sweater from your dad? A framed picture of you and your friend? Whatever it is, it had a special mixture that made it unique.

Each one of the upcycled bottles are created just for you, to your choices. You do not have to get it done exactly like the picture. Because they are hand made there may be variations that can not be avoided but that's part of being unique. The bottle is expertly frosted and then the graphic is applied with matte black vinyl. As you can see, it can be personalized. Plus, you have the choice of the feather or butterfly. Please note your preferences when checking out. Typically, items are shipped out within 2 weeks of ordering.

Please, feel free to message with any questions.